Forest guard carries baby elephant on his shoulders after rescuing it from canal

We come across many incidents where we find people who go to extremes to extremes to save their pets or other such animals. Here is an incident where a 100 pounder elephant calf is carried by a man on his shoulders.

The people who did such things to animals are driven by their compassion for the wild animals. They only think about the safety of the wild animal rather than their own personal gains.

So this man who carried the elephant on his shoulders was employed as a forest guard and his posting was near Mettupalayam which is a small forest-laden city in India.

This particular incident took place in 2017 when a man named Palanichamy Sarathkumar was returning home after a night shift at his post. At that time he received a call regarding a small incident near the Vanabhadra Kaliamman temple.

It was informed that a female elephant was blocking the road near the Vanabhadra Kaliamman temple. Without wasting time, he went there with his colleagues.

In order to direct the elephant back into the forest, they burst a few firecrackers. Then they started looking for other elephants. They saw a baby elephant stuck inside a little ditch.

The elephant calf was tired and confused. Palanichamy helped the elephant by pulling the boulder out of his way as it was blocking the elephant’s way out.

So now everything was clear to Sarathkumar, he realized that the female elephant near the road was its mother and she was looking for her calf who was nowhere to be seen. So now the task became very difficult for him as the calf was too weak to walk.

They wanted to take the calf to its mother who might be on the other side. They knew that elephant mothers are very protective. So at that time, Sarathkumar decided to carry the elephant on his shoulders as he did not want to risk others’ lives.

Palanichamy himself is 6 feet tall and weighing 80 kg but he carried the calf which was 100 kg for 50 meters. After that, he kept the baby near the water hole hoping that the mother would come and locate the child.

They went back and when they returned the next morning, they found the calf missing. They located the pug marks of both the calf and a bigger elephant. So it was clear that the baby reunited with its mother.

Reading this story, everyone is praising the forest guard for his efforts. Though it is an old incident recently Ms. Bajpai posted a flashback photo of Palanichamy Sarathkumar carrying the baby elephant. This photo went viral and people are hailing Sarathkumar as a hero. Really he is a hero who deserves all the praise.