Cute husky refuses to get out of bed but shares it with toddler

Sometimes dogs behave in such an adorable and funny way that we can’t control our laughter. They bring smiles to their faces with their antics.

One father on YouTube witnessed an adorable bond between his toddler and his husky. In the video, father, and son when they entered the bedroom they were greeted by the sight of their furry friend who was sitting in the bed. The father was filming the video but he can’t control his laughter as he saw their dog Millie laying comfortably on the bed.

Even his young son was surprised when he saw the dog in his bed. The boy said by the side of the husky and then they had great fun. The father started playing a game of peek-a-boo with his son as their dog watched them.As the father gave his son a bottle of milk, it seemed that a dog also wanted it. It was sleeping time for the dog and all she needed was warm milk before dozing off.

The dog continues to make it known that she wanted milk by tapping on the bottle or inspecting the bottle. After that the boy slept but Millie did not leave the bed she continued to pat the boy and then she slept next to the boy.

The father filmed the video while the boy and the dog slept beside each other. This YouTube video has gained 15 million views since it was uploaded.

According to the pup’s dad, he felt that Millie believed that she was the boy’s mother. Millie had been in the boy’s life since the day he was brought home and she immediately fell in love with the boy on that day. The parent of the dog wanted his children to know how to love and have compassion for animals.

Millie the husky is already 10 years old. He is very popular on youtube and many people liked her. She loves to be around children and to meet other dogs for the first time.

Her family loves her habit of not getting out of the bed of her humans. The most popular video is the one where Millie fell asleep next to the toddler.  We really appreciate how much the husky is loved and appreciated by her parents.