Deaf and blind dog saves and help bring home a 3 year child

Dogs are very intelligent and caring when it comes to looking after children. Some parents might have issues that their child and pet won’t get along but in most cases, dogs had proved to be both loyal protectors and gentle playmates to their young buddies.

Here is a remarkable story to prove it. An elderly dog did everything possible to save the life of a toddler. The incident is like that a 3-year-old girl named Aurora went missing in the bushland of Queensland, Australia. As the terrain was very vast and difficult, it made the search very difficult.

The area around the house was mountainous and it was quite hard to search the steep slopes full of lantana and other vegetation. Hours passed. The afternoon turned to night and the situation became very grim. It was cold and also rainy and Aurora was not dressed according to the weather so all were worried.

Fortunately, Aurora was not alone, she was with her dog, Max that is a 17 year old deaf and partially blind dog. The loyal dog stayed with Aurora the whole night keeping her safe and warm as she slept.

Not only this, Max even alerted the family towards the location of Aurora. Aurora’s grandmother Leisa Bennett heard the cry of her granddaughter and went towards her. On the way, she met Max who took her to the exact location where the child was.

It was quite amazing that they found her just in time before she suffered anything serious.

There is no doubt that Max saved the life of the child. Though he was not able to hear or see properly yet he stepped in to save her life. The dog is hailed as a hero by the people. The Queensland Police even named him an honorary police dog. It tells us that dogs are capable of doing incredible things.