Brave Pitt bull who was brutally burned While saving family from house fire

A 9-month-old heroic pit bull terrier saved his entire family from a fire in their home in Tallahassee, Florida. In the process of saving his parents, the dog was left with burns on as much as 30 percent of his body. But veterinarians are hopeful that the dog will soon recover.

It was in the early morning at about 2 a. m, that Onyx started barking so loudly that he awakened his family. His parents Trevor Myres, Sierra Plair, and their two sons acted fast and were able to get out of their burning house safely.

Then Myres found the dog crying out in pain and found the dog on fire. He quickly took a hose and extinguished the flames on the dog and then took it to extinguish the fire in another part of the house. The fire was extinguished on the dog then also it suffered injuries. The fire caused about $5,000 damaged to the house and the Florida Fire Marshall’s office is investigating its cause.

According to the family, they felt fortunate to have Onyx because if Onyx were not there, anything could have happened to them. They felt if the fire got to their sons’ room, they could not have been able to rescue them.

Now the main problem the couple is facing is the treatment of Onyx. They do not have this much money to get him treated and thinking of giving it to Tallahassee Animal Service Center to get him the care it needed.


To heal the burns, the dog needs several weeks of treatment of antibiotics and pain killers. When the workers at the animal shelter came to know about the heroic act of Onyx, they took the services of veterinarian Kevin Brumfield of Northwood Animal Hospital, who took the work of treating the dog and even raising money for its treatment.The dog get 100% recovery

His parents Myers and Plair could visit Onyx at the animal hospital. We salute the dog for his heroic act.