Dog depressed after separated from his cow mother, is finally united with mother

Animals are strongly related to the one they love. They show such a devotion for their loved ones that at times we will feel how it is possible for an animal to be so much devoted to another animal. This bond becomes even stronger if that relationship is between mother and son.

Here is a touching story of a dog named Rookie who lost his mother early. He was living on a farm with other animals and of course, he was looking for a motherly figure among the animals. He got that affection from a cow whom he started loving as his own mother.

The rookie started loving that cow as his own mother. The reason may be because he lost his mother early and he wanted that connection which he got from the cow. The cow also decided to adopt the dog as his own child. The cow and the dog were really inseparable. The cow even allowed the dog to sleep on its back. It continued for two years.

After some time, the farmer faced some financial trouble and decided to sell one of his cows and that cow was Rookie’s mother. The mother didn’t want to leave her child there so the farmer has to drag the cow outside the barn. The cow has to meet her new owners.

Rookie witnessed the whole scene and could not believe that he was being separated from his mother. The little boy kept barking and barking and his eyes were filled with tears.

Soon Rookie located the place where his mother was sent. The dog went there and found his mother waiting for him but it was interrupted by the new owner who sent the dog back to his barn.

This separation took a toll on the mental health of the dog and the dog started to lose his appetite and all his energy. He was so much stressed that he only wanted to mourn the loss of his mom. He started crying profusely.

This condition of the dog made the farmers reconsider their decision and finally, it was decided that the cow should be bought back. We can only imagine the happiness which the dog experienced once he was reunited with his mom.

The farmer encouraged the boy to notice other cows and make new friends by putting some distance between them, but it was not possible as the bond between a mom and child could not be easily broken.

We are very happy that the dog was reunited with his mother. We feel good to know that the farmer understood their bond and decided to help them by reuniting them.