Biker couple found and adopted a puppy in highway and is now their travel partner

It is love at first sight for the people who adopt rescue animals as pets. When they see a dog or a cat, they can’t resist and want to bring it home. They know the particular animal will be a part of their family.

Here is the story of the motorcycle enthusiast who was on a trip from North to South Carolina with her boyfriend. As they were moving they found a small puppy on the way.

They did not have the idea that it was a puppy as it looked like a black plastic bag. But as they moved nearer they found that it was a small puppy scrambling in the road. The dog approached when she was aware of them.

They stopped there to help the dog. Soon they realized that the dog escaped from the rescue home to stray dogs which were nearby and the puppy belongs to that rescue home.  Heyemillie got attracted to the puppy and wanted to adopt it instantly.

Though her boyfriend did not like pets and had a strict ‘no pet’ policy. Seeing the puppy, the boyfriend immediately changed his mind and put the dog in his lap and gave him the much-needed pats.

The dog immediately became the part of their riding and they named her Roadie, the road dog. Though some dogs are scared of the noise of the motorcycles, Roadie was not. The little Roadie now lives the life of a traveler. His new dad has taken her along on many interesting trips all over the U.S.

Heyemilie is loving every moment of being with the puppy and it was love at first sight for her. She said that she could not imagine her life without the pet and her boyfriend’s strict ‘no pet’ policy was no longer in effect. He now became the proud pet Dad.