Health benefits of owning a dog

There are so many health benefits of owning a dog.

They keep you fit.

It is not surprising as the dog owners frequently go for a walk with their dogs. Dogs are the ones asking for walks than any other house pet. Children with dogs spend more time in physical activity than children without dogs. But if you are reluctant to go out then only ownership of the dog can’t help you. You have to take the initiative of taking your dog out for a walk.

They are stress busters

Dogs reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. They try to cheer us, ease loneliness. You can talk to a dog freely and the dog will not judge you. He will love you unconditionally. The physical touch of the animal can reduce anxiety by creating a bond between dog and human.

Dogs can detect low sugar levels.

Some trained dogs are able to detect the falling glucose levels of their owners. But it’s unclear how they did this. Maybe by feeling the scent of their owners or by detecting minute muscle tremors, they were able to detect it.

Protect you from skin allergies.

Many people have this doubt that dogs can cause allergy or eczema reactions in young children. But a new study suggests that children will have significantly less eczema by age 4 if they started mingling with dogs at infancy. But before you rush to bring a dog for your kid remember more research still needs to be done.

Dogs’ health benefits still need to be checked as these studies are based on a small group of people and one can not rely on them fully. Still, we can say that dogs are the best companion for human beings.