Retired police dog turns hero for toddlers by saving them from burning house

Here is an incident that shows how a family and their two young children were saved by the bravery of their dog. Margo and Brent Freaser considered themselves lucky as how they and their two young children were saved from the burning house by their faithful dog.

They were alive due to the German shepherd dog Max which is a retired K-9 and also due to the activeness of their neighbours. Their neighbours Chip Dover and his son Andrew and Joe Jordan were outside their home and they were looking at Jupiter. As the decided to come inside they heard a big explosion.

They realised that the family was inside and they ran to their home and broke the front windows of the house to save the Freaser family. Dogs are very faithful and we can a rely on them whenever there is any danger. Time and again ,dogs prove their loyalty in difficult situations.

Margo Feaser who is Florida Sheriff’s Department Investigator was rescued by the men but they struggled to get back inside to save her husband and four- year old son and two -year old daughter. Soon fire fighter cane and they were able to rescue Margo’s husband Brent. But their two children and their dog Maxx were still inside that raging house.

It was very difficult to rescue them as heavy smoke had filled the house but thankfully their dog Maxx was there and he met the fire fighters and led them to the children. It was quite surprising that why the dog did not run when he saw the fire in the house but later it was concluded that the loyal dog remained with the children intentionally to save them.

After the rescue the family was taken to the hospital for the treatment and they were stable. But the house was completely destroyed in the fire. Maxx was taken to the hospital and he was treated for smoke inhalation. Maxx is hailed as a Hero for staying in the house and helping the rescuers to save the children through thick smoke.
Hats off to you, Maxx! You are a Hero.