For 4 long years, a dog was chained to a tree, totally emaciated

When it comes to cruelty, many humans are there who are very much cruel. Most animals become victims of their cruelty. Like this poor dog which spent 4 long years tethered to a hefty chain attached to a tree. He was one of those forgotten chained animals who would have passed away.

Though help came to save him, the question remains why he was made to suffer for so long. The poor dog was not having any shelter, bed and he sat next to an empty dish.

He starved and starved. At the time of rescue, the weight of the pooch was 25 pounds which were half of the canine of his size.

Some animal advocates were alerted and his story was posted on social networks. When the staff at Go Dogs Rescue in Georgia came to know about the condition of the animal, they stepped up and saved him from his torturous life.

According to Go Dogs Rescue, the pictures of the dog haunted them and they rescued him and called him Hero.
Though he was rescued, he has a long roadway to cover and many struggles to overcome. He was taken to a vet and then for the first time in many years, he got to sleep on a good fluffy bed.

He also got used to the fact that people were actually kind to him. He became comfortable with the people and slowly became a healthy, happy, and heroic dog.

One thing is to remember here, if you no longer can look after your pets, you should contact local animal control or local rescue. It is not a good thing to abandon or dump an innocent pet.