Sweet Chihuahua celebrates 15th birthday in style, her eyes welled up on seeing the special cake

Very few dogs are blessed to have owners who go the extra mile to make their birthdays special. Celebrating birthdays is a sweet way to tell how much you loved your pet.

It becomes more meaningful as our pets are getting older in age. For senior dogs, every birthday is special as we don’t which can turn out to be the last birthday.

So it is worth celebrating as those are the twilight years of pets. One photo of the dog celebrating her birthday had gone viral recently. It was quite heartwarming to know what the owner had done to make this special day memorable. Even the dog appreciated the sweet gesture of the owner.

The name of the lucky dog is Daisy which is a Chihuahua and she belonged to Tracy Nguyen. Tracy is very fond of her dog and as Daisy’s 15th Birthday came, she decided to make it special.

The occasion was especially important as the dog was celebrating her 15th birthday which means Daisy has reached the average life expectancy for her breed.

Moreover, the 15th birthday is a big milestone in Mexican culture and it is known as quinceanera which marks the girl’s transition into womanhood. So as Daisy is a Mexican so this birthday was special. According to Tracy, they wanted to throw her a big quinceanera to celebrate her life and as a nod to her roots.

Tracy made all the arrangements for her birthday. They even got Daisy her own tiara and quinceanera. But above it was the special cake which attracted everybody’s attention.

The cake was according to Daisy’s taste with a beautifully designed edible Chihuahua head that looks like it was of Daisy. Her photo along with the cake where she looked very happy and proud had gone viral on the internet. It was very adorable and Daisy is blessed to have such a good and loving owner.