Caring Staff Stay Behind to Comfort the Animals Frightened by Explosion in Ukraine Zoo

It is quite heartbreaking to think about what was happening in Ukraine. The life of the people is in deep trouble as they face an escalating military invasion by Russian forces. Many people have fled the country. But there are many who have decided to stay back and fight. Many animals too are stuck in this country.

Evacuating animals and sending them across the border is very challenging. So many animals are left in zoos.
One such zoo is the Kyiv zoo, where animals are stuck and are terrified by the ongoing war. Zookeepers stay behind to look after animals in the zoo.

Though the zoo has been closed to visitors yet its employees have been working hard to comfort the animals, who are very much horrified by the sounds of bombs, sirens, and unrest in the area. Kyiv Zoo is located in Ukraine’s capital and it is the nation’s largest zoo.

According to Kyrylo Trantin, the zoo’s chief, the war is causing the animals so much stress, some have relocated to indoor enclosures and underground galleries. Keepers are staying with the animals to comfort them. The zoo wrote on Facebook, animals are frightened by the loud sounds of explosions, but the veterinarians are constantly monitoring their condition.

The zoo is home to 4,000 animals across 200 species and it has Tony, the only gorilla in Ukraine. Trantin said that it was quite impossible to evacuate animals because it is impossible to provide appropriate veterinary service and transportation. The zoo has 50 employees who are working day and night to care for the animals.

Life never stops as on February 27, the zoo announced that two goats were born at the Kyiv Zoo. Though it is a very difficult situation all around yet the zoo has said that everyone is still in good condition and they have resources to continue fighting on. All animals are given food, care, and necessary treatment. It is really sad to know how animals are suffering in the war.