Deaf and Blind Dog Immediately Recognizes Grandpa After One Year

Dogs are very loyal and they miss their loved ones when they are separated. They do not forget easily and remember them always. It was proved by this deaf and blind dog who was able to recognize her Grandpa even after one year apart. The name of the dog is Bitsy which was brought home by Hayden Kristal some five years ago.

At that time Kristal’s dad, Steve has some concerns regarding the dog. The dog was only 5 weeks old and was deaf and blind. But all the fears of Steve were gone when he met the energetic dog.

According to Kristal, Bitsy had been her own woman since day one. The first thing she died when she was brought home was to make a beeline for the food dish and crawl into it and eat it.

According to her dad, Bitsy is not a helpless dog. She has traveled all over the country, with her mom, doing hiking, canoeing, riding the subway, and even skateboarding.

According to Kristal, Bitsy is the sweetest, friendliest, most loving, and loyal dog in the world. Her dad loved her the most. They both liked to hang out together when they have the time.

But unfortunately, COVID came and also the restrictions which slowed down the life of Bitsy and her mom. The hardest part was that Kristal and Bitsy were separated from the family- including Kristal’s dad. After a gap of one year, Bitsy was finally reunited with her Grandpa.

Steve was worried that Bitsy would not remember him. But that was not true. According to Steve, no sooner did he get within the scent range of the dog, she was filled with joy. The feelings were the same from both sides. As the family is together now, everyone is immensely happy. We are glad that all are happy now.