10 year old missing girl miraculously survives night in -11C blizzard by hugging stray dog

Time and again, dogs have proved that they are very loyal. They proved to be very protective and caring. They are especially very helpful when it comes to young children.

We have read many stories where a young child has been helped by the dogs in harsh and dangerous conditions. The same thing happened recently when one ten-year-old girl survived freezing weather by cuddling with a stray dog.

The name of the girl was Vika Z from the island of Sakhalin, Russia who lost her way home from school. The girl was not found for hours and it became even more serious when night fell and the temperatures dropped to -11 degrees Celsius and a blizzard caused two feet of snow.

Seeing the harsh weather, the police and the volunteers thought that the young girl would not be able to survive the night in such brutal weather conditions. But a miracle happened as the girl was found alive and safe after 18 hours. The local media informed that the girl was found hugging a fluffy dog for warmth.

The dog was stray and the girl cuddled up with the dog on a mattress that was left by some kind person. She hid under the balcony with the dog. After she was found, she was taken to the hospital for a checkup and it was found that she had only mild frostbite.

Vika had a special connection with the stray dogs and that was the reason, the stray dog helped in keeping her warm. On that, she went to feed the dogs and got caught in the snowstorm and strong winds.

So it was clear that the stray dog saved her life. But at present, the dog was missing and they are waiting for the dog to turn up so that they can give him the recognition he deserved. It was really amazing that the dog kept the girl warm.