A man enters floodwaters to save drowning kitten

Some people love animals so much that they are ready to do anything for them. It is inspiring that some people go out of their way to help animals in need.

Here is one man who braved floodwater to save a cat from drowning and even helped it to find a new home. The name of the man is Skip Campbell who lives in Cottage Park, Sacramento, California. He was at his home when his wife noticed some animal in need of their help in their backyard.

Skip told that his wife heard a faint noise and saw a head bobbing up in floodwaters. The head was of a kitten that was caught in floodwaters and was struggling to stay afloat.

Skip noticed that the poor kitten was in need of help and he himself waded in the waist-high floodwaters to save it. The flow of water was very strong. Skip very carefully went near the kitten and got hold of the kitten.

The kitten was very grateful for the help. According to Skip, the cat was very tired and it did not struggle at all and it seemed that it wanted to be rescued.

The kitten was taken in and dried off. The cat was really scared after that incident. Though it seemed that the kitten belonged to feral litter yet it did not look very wild. The cat was very calm and it had beautiful green eyes.

At first, they thought of adopting the cat as in the past also they have rescued the cats. But at present, they had their own cat and decided the other way.

Fortunately, their neighbors showed interest in adopting the cat and at present, there are many people who are interested in adopting the cat.

They even decided on some suitable names for the kitten-like- floaty, cyclone, titan, and bob. It is really great that Skip went out to help the kitten. Watch video –