Farmer finds newborn calf freezing in the snow and saves his life with a hot tub

Cold weather is approaching and so are the problems and dangers associated with this weather. As human beings, many animals are also vulnerable to cold weather. They suffer from frostbite and hypothermia. It is really inspiring that many humans go out of their way to keep them warm.

Like one farmer who saved the life of a calf in a very unexpected way. The name of the farmer is Dean Gangwer and he raises cattle on his farm in Rossville, Indiana. One cold morning he came across a very unusual scene. He discovered that one of the cows had given birth in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, the cow gave birth on a pile of snow and the newborn was lying in the snow and it was freezing. The calf was unable to breathe.

In order to save the life, he rushed the cow home. According to his experience, he needed to get the calf in a hot bath. Dean had a perfect cow-sized bath at his home. Fortunately, the plan worked and the life was saved.

According to Dean, he jumped in fully dressed and he held the calf so that he did not drown. For an hour they bathed in the tub.

After that, the calf was wrapped in warm heated blankets. Soon the body temperature of the cow became normal and he was ready to go back.

The calf was named Leroy. The man’s quick thinking and action saved the life of the calf. We are grateful that the farmer acted quickly and his smartness saved the life of the calf.