a unique way to say ‘goodbye’..no dog should go to heaven without tasting chocolate

Goodbyes are the hardest thing to say, that we know. If this goodbye is given to a pet then it is really painful. An animal hospital in Alabama is doing something great which is liked by animal lovers. They show how they provide a moment of comfort to dogs at the end of their life.

The hospital posted a picture of a glass jar full of Hershey’s Kisses on their Facebook page with the caption- This jar is reserved for our euthanasia appointments….because no dog should go to heaven without tasting chocolate.

Though it is said that the dogs should not eat chocolate, but the animal hospital provides it as one last treat as the dog is put to sleep.

This post was liked by everyone across the globe with more than 113,000 shares. According to Dr. Nicole Namie from Smiths Station Animal Hospital, they had always tried to provide as much comfort as possible to both their pet patients as well as the owners during a difficult time.

She said that her staff had always kept little snacks and candy bars for special appointments. She said that they had been doing that for many years to bring comfort to both the dogs and the owners.

She said that they had always done something special for euthanasia appointments. They are offered cheeseburgers or anything from the lunch boxes. It is their way to have a special one-on-one moment with the patients that they became close to and their owners.

The owners find comfort in the fact that their pet is going to heaven with a full belly and happy heart. Really it is a sweet gesture. It comforts both the dogs and the owners.