Stray dogs protected blind elderly women fallen in the mud

No animal is as loyal a companion as a dog. They are very protective also. These gentle souls are always there to help and comfort those in desperate need.

This one incident that happened in Nepal proved that dogs really help a person in need. A homeless woman was caught in a difficult situation but fortunately, to help her, there were two stray dogs who stayed by her side and protected her. They remained with her until help arrived.

A man named Ake Srisuwan saw two dogs that were lying near an elderly woman who was looking asleep on a muddy riverbank.

He was totally clueless about what happened so he alerted the authorities. He didn’t let go of the opportunity and took a couple of photos to show how caring the dogs were.

Later it came to know that the woman was blind and homeless and just passed in the mud. According to a local news outlet, the dogs and the woman did not know each other before. They were just there only to help her when they found that she was in need of help.

Soon the local authorities came and took the helpless woman and her Angel guardians to a medical facility where they received medical treatment.

The photos were taken by that stranger, Ake, which went viral on social media and the people really loved the photos. People praised the dogs’ selfless spirit. Though it is not clear what happened with the women or the dogs these types of incidents are really amazing.