Man builds a customized kayak so he can go boating with his two dogs

If you are a pet lover you know how important it is to spend quality time with pets.  We want to share our favorite hobbies and pastimes with our dogs. As we enjoy those best moments we want that our dog should also have the same enjoyment.

One man wanted to share his love for the water with his golden retrievers and he did something to make them enjoy the same.

David Bahnson is a retired orthopedic surgeon from Vermont. The two things which he loved in his life is traveling around with his dogs and kayaking. So in order to to help his dogs to sit in a Kayak, he built a custom Kayak especially to hold dogs.

David changed a Kayak baggage opening into a perfect dog-shaped hole which was not fit for another human but it was perfect for his dog, Susie. He even added a removable ring to keep water away.

According to David dogs always love to travel with them in cars, an airplane, in boats. Then he got a second dog Ginger. For Ginger, he added a second doggie hole to the vessel and it was like a triple kayak.

So with the help of this customized kayak, David was able to enjoy his favorite hobby with his royal dogs by his side. According to David, the dogs seemed to love it. They were trained to get in the kayak themselves on command.

Unfortunately Susie and Ginger had passed away but one thing was clear they got to enjoy some very special quality time with their loving owner and that’s what really matters.

After the death of his dogs, now his wife takes the Kayak with their newest golden Piper along with her.
According to David, he loved his dogs and he loved training them. They had gone miles and miles of paddling with his dogs. Really it was a great idea to spend one’s favorite hobby with loving pets.