Baby elephant looks to be rolling on the ground with laughter as his big brother tickles his belly

Babies are playful whether they are animals or human beings. They are happy and carefree. They only wanted to play with their elder siblings with whom they share a strong bond.

Here is an instance of how a baby elephant started rolling on the floor with laughter when his big brother tickles his belly. The adorable moment was caught on camera by wildlife photographer Lee-Anne Robertson.

In the Addo Elephant Park in South Africa, the baby elephant was in a playful mood with his older brother. The baby elephant wriggled on the ground with laughter when his older brother tickled him with his trunk.

His antics were captured on camera by wildlife photographer, Lee Anne Robertson, from Sundays River Valley, South Africa. According to photographer Lee Anne Robertson, the baby was adorable like any baby. He was full of energy and looking for someone to play with.

The two elephants enjoyed running around together and having fun at the Addo Elephant park. According to the photographer, elephants are amazing animals that are very social and love their family dearly. They are blessed with great patience and kindness which they show to their family members.

After having fun on the ground, the baby elephant got back to his feet and he continued to play with his older brother. The baby then started climbing onto the back of his brother who was lying on the ground. It crawled on top of the older elephant’s back.

According to the photographer, his images show how protective elephants are for their family, they are very patient and kind towards their family members. Mothers never leave their babies unattended. They are very dotting.

After playing, the baby elephant started walking alongside his older relatives and it looked very adorable. Really this type of antics can put a smile on everybody’s face.