Former street dog shares her blanket to help another stray dog on a cold evening

There are so many street dogs that are looking after themselves and they don’t have anyone to rely upon. It is a sad reality.

As they don’t have anyone to return home to, these dogs are depended on the kindness of the people who give them food, water, and shelter.

There are so many kind people who take pains to help the local strays. But sometimes, the animals also come forward to help their own kind. The latest example of this is provided by a dog that made a heartwarming donation to a stray in need.

The name of the dog is Lana which began her life as a stray on the streets of Brazil. She was then rescued and taken home by a woman named Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancée.

The dog was provided with all the facilities and she never had to worry about living on the streets again. But there was one thing that always remained in her mind that is from where she came from and remembered all the dogs which are not having their homes.

One chilly evening, Suelen gave a thick blanket to Lana to keep her warm. But she saw Lana giving her blanket to a stray dog and thus she sacrificed her comfort to keep the stray safe from the cold.

Her owner was unable to believe what she saw. She said that her four-legged friend reminded her of an important thing, which is generosity.

Seeing this, the owner decided to help the stray. They decided to find a comfortable home for the dog but every time they got closer to the dog, the dog ran away.

So they just left food and water for the dog instead. It is really wonderful to know how kind and generous dogs can be. They can teach us many life lessons.