Dogs waiting in line for food set a perfect example for human beings

How often do you lose your temper while standing in a queue? Most of the time, we are impatient and find it difficult to be in a line.  For us, these police dogs which are waiting in line for nourishment with dishes in their mouth may motivate to cultivate patience.

The photograph is of a police dog academy in China. There are six dogs queuing up to get their dinner and they are holding plates in their teeth.

The black Labrador sits at the first position, followed by five German shepherds. Their ears are pricked and they are sitting patiently waiting for their turn to go up to the trainer and receive food.

The exact location from where this picture is taken is not clear but earlier also some pictures which were taken from a dog training center run by the Zhejiang Armed Police Force showed that standing in line for dinner is a tradition for the canines there.

According to a Chinese dog trainer, a good police dog needed to meet four requirements: good looking, big appetite, courageous and possessive.

Many other photographs are making the rounds showing how Chinese policemen train their dogs. There is a four-month course for dog training in Harbin in northeastern China where officers from around the country come.

It is not that only China is having this sort of canine academy, one old photo showing the dogs lined with their dishes in mouth in Finland in 1940 shows that many nations give this training to their dogs.

Dog training is conducted everywhere in the world and its purpose is to get the dogs ready for specific work like drug and bomb-sniffing, search and rescue operations, and mine clearing.

Looking at the way the dogs are standing patiently in a line, really teaches us, humans, a lesson on patience.