Famished kitten finds happiness after living a life of neglect on Busy Street

Stray animals lead a very unhappy and difficult life. They have to fend for themselves. There are times when they find nothing to eat and they have to go hungry for days. People on the streets are too busy to pay any attention to them.

The same life was lived by Oreo. Once he was a starving homeless kitten who was crying for food. If he tried to peep into a shop, he was kicked by the people. The street was filled with people but no one was paying any attention to the kitten.

But all people are not alike. A kind-hearted man decided to help the cat with some food. When Oreo was offered food, he ate it hungrily. The meal helped him to calm down. The rescuer could not think of leaving the cat there on the street and took him to a safe place.

The cat was taken to a shelter and it was the new beginning of his life. It was the first time, he lived in a comfortable house. He enjoyed his warm cage and played with other furry animals. Here he did not have to worry about hunger or any other danger.

Oreo is now a happy and playful boy in a safe place. He loves to play with peacock feathers. He is also very social and has made friends quickly. His best friend’s name is Lara with whom he used to communicate.

His medical examination was also conducted which proved that he was a healthy guy. Currently, he is living happily in the shelter and looking for a forever house. We wish that he will soon find a comfortable house.