Dog kicked badly in Stomach was rescued and got a good home

Dogs are very lovable and faithful. They always trust the humans no matter what. But sadly sometimes human being behavior towards them is not that good.

Here is a story of a Golden Retriever who was lying in the corner of the building. Nobody knows the reason why the dog was lying sadly at that place.

Then someone informed Paws and they were quick to respond. They rushed to the location to save the dog. As they were having no idea how the dog would respond, they decided to surround the area. At first, they offered him treats, but he did not respond.

There was a pain in his eyes and it was clear that something was wrong. It appeared that the dog was very nice earlier but now he was very much confused and he looked blankly at the strangers.

After he got the assurance, then only he left his place. He was an obedient dog who allowed them to pat him. The team named the dog, Antonio and he was directly taken to the vet for examination.

Fortunately, after examination, none of the bones of the animal was broken. But there was bl eeding inside and it appeared that the dog was kicked badly. He was rushed to the surgery. His spleen was ruptured and his liver was badly bruised. It was believed that if the dog was not taken to the hospital on time, he would not have survived.

Thanks to the medical team, Antonio made a great recovery and he was taken to The Little Red Dog shelter. After that, he got a permanent house. He loves his new family a lot.

We are happy that he got such a comfortable home and he deserves it. watch the video to know full story