To Steal Some Mangoes Elephant Hilariously Climbs Over 5feet Wall

There is no secret to this thing that elephants love to munch on a variety of fruits like apples, bananas, melons, and pineapples to name a few. But very few people know that elephants drool over mangoes also. These sweet giants love this tropical fruit so much that they do not mind crossing some boundaries for it.

Here is a cute incident where one high-spirited elephant at the Mfuwe Lodge in South Luanga National Park, Zambia was seen climbing over 5 feet tall wall just to steal some mangoes.

Though in general elephants are often said to be slow and laid back and they don’t want to do anything quickly yet here is proof that if they set their mind on something, they would definitely go to any length to gain it.

This hilarious task of the elephant is captured on the camera and it has gained the attention of everybody. He did this action in broad daylight. His whole unlawful act had been caught on the camera and the whole world is watching it.

It is not like, he is the only elephant who loves mangoes.  In fact, all the elephants at the Mfuwe Lodge come there to enjoy the mangoes. But this boy is special as instead of following the main path he chose to climb the wall. The poor boy is a little late as the mango season is between October and December.

The guests were amused at the idea of an elephant climbing wall. They were amazed that the elephant would climb such a high wall.

It was not sure whether he achieved for what he climbed the wall but one thing was sure that he won the hearts of people all over the world with this cute act.