Mother cat adopts 8 orphaned Hedgehog babies and treat them as their own.

Mother is a very special person for all living beings. Those babies are very unfortunate who lost their mothers at the time of birth. But sometimes some angels come and become their mothers. Here is the story of how an animal of different species adopts the babies and looks after them.

When 8 baby hedgehogs came to the world, they too believed that they would be looked after and cared by their mother.

But unfortunately, their mother died at the time of their birth and they were left with nothing but disappointment. Fortunately for the babies, a cat became an angel and acted as their surrogate mother.

Musya, the cat fed them naturally, and as the babies were blind at the time of birth they were unable to see who was feeding them. They refused to be fed from a syringe or bottle.

Earlier the cat fed some other foster kittens and as she was having some milk left and she gave it to the hedgehogs. While looking after the hedgehog’s babies, she really feels like she is their real mother. How adorable is this.