Security camera shows kitten crying after the owner leaves her alone for a few days

It is very difficult to live alone. And if one is a spoiled cat, then it is even more difficult. One feels like one should cry. The same thing happened to the kitten who was unable to control her tears when her mom left her alone at home.

It was the Lunar New Year in China and Ms. Meng decided to pay a visit to her parents. She thought of going alone as she was afraid her fussy cat won’t feel comfortable inside her parents’ home. So she left the 2-year-old British Shorthair all alone for a few days.

But the woman soon regretted her decision of leaving her cat alone when she checked on her cat on a surveillance camera. The disappointed cat soon started crying when he heard his mom’s voice.

The woman was saying, “Do you miss me? I will come back in a few days.” The video has gone viral now. The kitten was so heartbroken that he even tried to touch the security camera with her tiny paw in an attempt to reach his mom.

The woman when she saw this reaction of her cat, decided to come back earlier than before. She felt guilty and heartbroken about leaving her cat all alone. The video had gone viral and the dramatic footage of the kitten crying melted many hearts.

According to Ms. Meng, she was heartbroken when she saw that. She planned to come early from her parents. And when she returned home, she captured the moment she entered the home. The reaction of the cat was incredible. The look in his eyes showed that he was unable to believe that his mother was home.

Ms. Meng was worried about the cat and took the cat to the vet to make sure that she was fine. This shows that we should not leave our pets alone at home. They find it difficult to live without us.