Baby Polar Bear playing with its mother for the first time looks very adorable

Nothing can take place of Mother’s love. It is without any doubt the most precious thing in the world. Mother’s love is very beautiful. It is not like only humans beings crave it but the and animals also show the same passion for motherhood.

If we look at baby animals, they can’t survive in the wild without their mother. Mother is undoubtedly the most precious person in one’s life whether it is a human being or an animal. They are the one who teaches us life’s first lessons. They are always patient and tolerant towards whatever we do.

Here is adorable footage to prove how cute is the relationship between mother and her child. The baby polar bear and its mom enjoying each other’s company is the cutest thing ever seen.  The baby was actually enjoying its first snow in its life with its mother. The mother bear was seen watching over her cub and playing with it.

Those adorable moments were caught at Novosibirsk zoo which is one of the largest zoos in Russia. The innocent polar bear cub was born to the parent’s Kay and Gerda. At first, they spent the first few months in the den. When the cub got somewhat stronger, the zoo staff let the cub and the mother out to enjoy in the open.

At first, the cub was afraid and careful, but it got the curious mind of the kids and it started playing and had fun with its mother. Childhood is made up of innocence and the love and care of the mother.

The zoo staff was worried that the young mother would not be able to accept the cub. But the mother turned out to be very responsible and caring. Truly nothing could take the place of mother’s love.