Steve Irwin’s grandchild meets a koala for the first time

We lost Steve Irwin in 2006. The beloved conservationist and Crocodile hunter died at the age of 44. Though he is not here yet his legacy is carried by his family.

His wife Terri and their children Bindi and Robert had played a big part in protecting and showcasing Australia’s wildlife. They run a zoo, apart from this they saved thousands of animals during bushfires last year.

Irwin’s family is blessed with a lot of good news and blessings. In March, Bindi and her husband Chandler welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.

The baby girl is the first grandchild of Irwin and though she is only two months old, she is following footsteps as a little “Wildlife Warriors”.

The baby had her first meeting with the animal in her backyard at the Australia Zoo where her grandma Terri show her some chickens.

Now the baby met another animal and that is a koala. A photo posted by Chandler shows two-month-old Grace meeting a koala for the first time and both of them are seen staring at each other.

The picture became very special as the koala is one of Australia’s iconic creatures and the Irwin family has always been caring for the wildlife of their native land.

During last year’s wildfires, many koalas lost their lives and the Irwin family saves an average of 800 koalas a year.

We really feel that she will encounter these fantastic meetings with the animals more in the future. She will be raised to have love and respect for the wildlife.