After spending two years in shelter, finally rescue dog who was always passed by gets adopted

To find a forever home is a dream of every shelter dog. But for some dogs, the wait becomes very long. They have to wait for many months or years to find a forever home. A similar thing happened with this very sweet dog who waited patiently for nearly two years before she got adopted.

The name of the dog is Janice who is a 9-year-old and she spent much part of her life in the Columbiana County Dog Pound. Her carers were unable to find the right family for her. Earlier this month, the shelter hoped that they were hoping that the girl would have been at the home by then.

As the dog remained in the shelter for two years, she became the longest ever resident of the shelter. The dog tried very hard to get adopted but she was unable to get a family. As the dog was ignored, she was left heartbroken. According to the shelter, Janice has spent her life peering through a kennel at visitors.

She has watched her fellow dogs be adopted yet she was passed over every time for one reason or another. The reason why she was neglected was that she was very uncomfortable with cats though she got along with most other dogs. She was not even the lively puppy that people wanted to adopt.

Columbiana County Dog Pound wrote that the people were unable to see her beautiful face when they look at her.
For Janice, she finds joy in the small things like her bed and her stuffed bear. After more than two years, the pound tried very hard to get her home and now the wait is over.

At last, Janice got a perfect family. The family was looking for a dog to add to their family and she saw Janice’s story on the news and she decided to adopt her. What an ending it was! We are happy that the dog got a perfect family.