Dog with special needs waits at shelter for over 400 days to get adopted

Every dog deserves a forever home. Some are lucky to find their home early but for some, the wait never ends. The same thing happened to Jay who is under the care of RSPCA since January 2021. He was taken in by the RSPCA as his family could no longer care for him.

As he was brought into the shelter, the staff there fell head over heels in love with him. According to the staff, he makes them laugh all throughout the day. But in spite of his funny personality, the dog was unable to find a forever home due to the way he looks. He suffers from various allergies which lead to his losing his hair.

He is not like other fluffy dogs but he has a loving heart. The shelter staff is hopeful that he will soon find a loving family which will love him unconditionally. The little pup is now 9 years old and he has been waiting at the shelter for over 400 days.

He has some medical conditions which require a family who could continue him on a special diet, he needs his medicines to continue. He needs only an adult-only home with no other pets. The house should have a fenced-in yard and hard floors as carpeted floors may cause his allergies to flare up.


According to Carmen Cole, they knew it was quite difficult to find a home that will fulfill all his conditions. Plus the cost of his ongoing care is also the reason for many people to give up the idea of adopting him, but they are hopeful that someone will come to adopt the cute dog. We hope that the cute dog soon finds a forever home with lots of love.