Depressed after losing eyesight, Husky finds happiness in his best friend

Life becomes very hard for dogs who are having disabilities or special needs. But a good friend can help. For blind animals, the ‘seeing eye’ companion helps a lot.

They help them in movement and make them believe that they are not alone. So here is one blind Siberian Husky who is living his best life, all thanks to his best friend.

Sterling is an 11-year-old Siberian Husky and he lost his vision three years ago after he was diagnosed with glaucoma. According to his owner, Lilian Mckee, when he was diagnosed with glaucoma, it was very devastating. They gave him six treatments to fight it off but it was not possible to prevent it much longer.

After losing sight, the dog was disappointed and the owners were worried that it would affect their dog’s quality of life. But now things had changed, the dog wears protective ski goggles and he is enjoying his life to the fullest with his best friend, Walker.

Walker was unexpectedly adopted by the family after his foster family could no longer care for him. Walker is a 10-year-old Alaskan Malamute and his entry into their house has a positive impact on Sterling. Both the dogs are very close to each other and they are best friends. Coming of Walker in Sterling’s life has made the dog very positive and happy.

According to Lilian, Walker loved to play with Sterling and they hiked together, run together and sleep near each other and eat less than two feet away from each other. Personality-wise, both the dogs are very different. Sterling likes to meet people.

Walker is a somewhat goofy type. But they like to dress alike. They have matching sets of bandanas and Walker even likes to wear his own goggles to match his best friend’s protective eyewear. We are very happy that Sterling is able to live his life to the fullest and Walker had helped him a lot.