Dog walking by suddenly recognizes his teacher and was overjoyed to see him

Dogs do remember the person who was close to their heart. It is not necessary that the person has to be the owner. Here is a sweet poodle, who never misses a chance to say hello to a friend, even though she has not seen that person for months. The name of the dog is Rave.

Rave’s owner, Kim Carion, wanted to give her some training so that she could be her best self. So she went to her brother’s friend who has dog training experience. As the dog started training with her teacher, she became very close to her teacher.

According to Carino, they met weekly, and Rave adored him a lot. The training took place in a local park all summer and finally Rave graduated.

But she became very much fond of her teacher that the teacher never left her heart. After a gap of 10 months after the training ended, Carino and the teacher decided to meet up once again in the park to surprise Rave.

In order to make the reunion more memorable, the man decided to sit quietly on a bench. He wanted to find out whether Rave will recognize him or not. Carino said that she did not have any doubt that she would not recognize him. Her reaction to seeing her teacher was very adorable.

It warmed the heart. Rave was very happy. So Carino and the man decided to make a routine out of meeting going forward. Carino said that he is a forever friend of her and Rave. The reunion was very special. It was heartwarming to know how much they are fond of each other.

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