Having caged for 9 years, Bear jumps with joy on seeing water for the first time

Animals which are caged, their life is very difficult. They go through a lot of pain and suffering. They don’t know what freedom is. So a bear which was rescued recently from a bile farm was cloud nine when he realized that he was free. For nearly a decade, the animal was kept in tiny cage. He was unable to believe that he was swimming for the very first time.

His sweet reaction on seeing water for the first time was caught on the camera and it was heartwarming. His release was only possible by the efforts made by Animals Asia which is a charity group in Hong Kong. This group specialized in saving animals in need. It was due to their efforts that many animals were saved from the saddest life.

The same thing happened with Tuffy which is a moon bear. The bear spent many years caged and was used for medical purposes at a bile farm. Tuffy nearly spent 9 years in the cage. It was due to the huge efforts from animal rights activist, the bear got the chance to live life peacefully. He was living in a miserable place before rescue.

After the rescue, the bear was taken to one of Animals Asia’s sanctuaries. A very good life was waiting Tuffy in that sanctuary. Tuffy was equally excited to enjoy his life. He was not held back by his poor vision or his multiple wounds. But before he could take a dip in the swimming pool, he has to undergo a surgery and recover from it.

At last when the bear got the chance to swim in the pool, his reaction was just like a baby. He has spent years on very little water or no water at all. So this was like true oasis for the bear. We feel grateful to all the people who made the life of bear happy after he suffered a lot.