65 Year Old Woman Swam in Freezing Water to Save Husky Trapped in Ice

Winters are very dangerous for animals. They struggle a lot due to icy winter weather. We came across many stories where we have seen dogs stuck on ice or have fallen into freezing water. Fortunately, there are people who are ready to help these animals. They are ready to risk their lives to protect these animals.

A similar thing happened when this Russian woman saved Husky which was trapped beneath the ice. The woman named Galina Voskovykh from the Voronezh Oblast region of western Russia was taking a walk with friends by the river when she heard the cry of a dog.

The 65-year-old woman saw a Husky dog that was trapped in the freezing water and without thinking she jumped into action to save its life.

Galina recalled that she did not think twice, got undressed, and jumped into the water. She broke the ice in order to get to the dog. The dog was unable to get back to the shore due to ice.

The brave woman was able to free the Husky from the ice and two were back on the shore. After being saved, the rescue dog went to his owner.

Galina suffered only a few minor scrapes and bruises. Many people questioned her decision to jump into the water calling that she acted impulsively.

Many times people endangered their life to save animal’s life. Gelina was a very good swimmer and she has no regrets about her decision. She said that she did not call herself a hero. What Gelina did deserves praise!

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