Mother deer comes running when she hears newborn baby crying

Mothers are very protective of their babies. They can do anything to ensure the safety of their babies. This motherly instinct is the same in all the species.

What will be your reaction when you see a mother deer trying to comfort a crying human baby? Yes, it sounds somewhat strange but this happened.

In a viral video, a mother is seen comforting her crying baby when a deer rushed out of the wood to help her. The video was liked by everyone.

Little babies sometimes become very irritable and they can cry for anything. At times, even the mothers find it difficult to calm them down. They are no reasons for their crying.

Young mother Hanna Burton experienced the same feeling when her baby was crying nonstop. As she was comforting her baby, she witnessed a scene she had never thought she will. The woman was comforting her newborn baby, Charlie on the deck of her house in New Lexington, Ohio.

The baby was lying on a blanket with her mother who was trying to pacify him. As the baby was still crying, suddenly a deer came running out of the bushes like she wanted to comfort the baby.

The woman soon realized that the deer came because the baby was crying. She assured the deer that everything was under control.

The wild animal was motivated by her motherly instinct and rushed to help the crying baby. In the video, the woman is seen saying “Nope! Nope! Nope! ” Then she tries to explain to her infant baby Charlie, that she thought he was her baby. The whole incident was recorded on the camera and the mother shared it online.

The video has melted the hearts of the people. Some people even criticized Hanna because of how she handled the situation. Some people even said that deer are protective and cannot see smaller animals in distress. They even try to help the rabbits. Really deer are very kind-hearted animals.