Dog rescues stray kitten in rain by guiding her home

It is really heartwarming when any animal is rescued but it really melts our heart when other animal is rescued by an animal. Dogs are blessed with this intuition that they can sense when anyone needs help. They can come and help any animal in need. Like this dog which came and rescued a kitten in need.

The name of the dog is Hazel which is a little Yorkie mix and owned by a woman named Monica from Abilene, Texas. One day the woman let the dog out to use the bathroom but the dog took more time than the usual time.

As she came out, she saw that Hazel had made a friend. It was a tiny kitten which was following Hazel. The dog was really protective about the kitten as she stopped every time to check if the kitten was there.

As the weather was rainy, the tiny kitten was having nowhere to go. The tiny kitten looked stray. So the compassionate dog was guiding her to the home to give her the shelter. The sight was very nice and it was caught on camera by Monica.

The two friends crossed the puddle and made it home. When the kitten was unable to climb the top step, Hazel picked her up in her teeth to take her inside. The kind dog not only rescued the cat from the storm but also gave her a forever home.

The kitten is no longer stray, she became the member of the family. Monica gave the kitten to her brother and named her Sheba. That was the happy ending to a stray kitten and the credit goes to Hazel for changing her life.