Blind and lonely bison ignored by other animals gets great love from Oliver

For some animals, life is really hard. If that animal happens to be differently-abled then it is even more difficult. Such types of animals find it very difficult to get along with other animals.

The same thing happened to this lonely Bison, Helen. She was blind and extremely shy when she came to the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Oregon.

As she was blind, she was completely ignored by other animals at the farm for many years. Earlier it seemed that the animal would live a lonely life and she would not be able to get any love and comfort from anyone.

Life changed for good for Helen when Oliver came into her life. Helen was rescued in 2016 and since the day she was brought to the sanctuary, she struggled to make friends. The staff at the center had great fear regarding her loneliness. But now everything has changed.

Oliver, which is a Jersey bull was born on the farm and he became very close to Helen. They became best friends and are quite inseparable. According to Gwen Jakusbisin at the sanctuary, Oliver has turned into a baby buffalo and Helen is very happy with him.

Both of them had gained a lot from this bond. Helen gained confidence and is stronger than before. Oliver had won a nanny. They are true friends. Helen got the opportunity to express her motherly instinct. They both are seen grooming each other. Betsy, Oliver’s mom drops Oliver off at daycare and roams there. Helen looks after Oliver at that time.

The Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary provides shelter to more than 200 animals including cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and goats. Their mission is to help the animals in need. They try to provide hope to the most heartbreaking stories and promise freedom.

Really what they are doing is incredible. Animals need special love and care which is provided by the shelter.