Stray dog found with all four legs severed gets happiness after receiving Prosthetic Titanium Paws

Sometimes animals are meted out with such cruelty that we can’t even imagine. At such times some angels come to save them.

Here is an incident where a dog which was found in the forest with all four paws severed at finds happiness. The dog is named Monika and she was hopelessly lying in the forest with all her four paws disbanded. Her only hope was to find someone who could look after her well.

The angels who came to save the dog are Marina Gapich and Alla Leonkina. They are known for helping the creatures in need in large Russian cities. When they got a call about an injured dog in a remote village, they jumped into action immediately.

The dog was seen by a woman working in the area and she immediately informed Marina and Alla as they are known for helping the creatures in need.

They went there and picked the injured dog and brought her to the veterinary clinic. As the dog arrived, it was clear that she looked very hopeless.

The dog’s legs were disassociated and she even looked very emaciated. It was clear that the dog lived on the food scraps she found on the road. Nobody knew how that what happened to the dog but it was clear that it might be an act of atrocity.

Monika’s condition demanded great care as she suffered a lot. Everyone involved there gave her everything they were able to. As Monika survived the first crucial week, Marina and Allah started searching for options for paw prosthetics.

They reached out to Dr. Sergery Gorshkov for Monika’s legs’ operation. He went through the x-rays and suggested implanting titanium prostheses instead of removable prosthetics. But that was very expensive and Monika’s savior decided to raise money to save her life.

After nine months, they were able to collect the sum required and Monika was given four prosthetic branches that help her move with ease.

Now the dog is healing well and soon she will be shifted to London where she will be in the care of the devoted caregiver.