Unable to decide which dog to buy a woman buys the entire shelter

Some people love animals so much that they are ready to go to any level for them. They do something extraordinary for them.

Here is one woman named Danielle Eden who is the co-founder of Dog Tales and Sanctuary, she could not decide which dog she should adopt and later bought the entire place to save all 250 of them.

Danielle has been saving the dogs and helping the shelters throughout the world. She has visited many shelters and helped everyone. She used to adopt 10-20 poor dogs whenever she visits the shelter.

Lately, she visited the dog shelter of Israel and she was shocked beyond words as the sight of the shelter was pathetic and it was one of the worst shelters she has visited in her life. Dogs were living in a very small place. The place was designed for 70 dogs but there were around 250 dogs living in the shelter.

The shelter was unable to provide proper food to the dogs. The dogs even indulge in fights for a loaf of bread. The place was dirty and full of rats. All the animals were suffering from hunger and needed help for adoption.

The dogs were in sympathetic condition and she was confused as to which dog she should adopt. Confused, she decided to buy the entire shelter and provide them a forever home and proper health care and treatment in the future.

Really it was her efforts and her Dogs Tales Sanctuary that within the span of 60 days, they were able to move 90 dogs into shelters in Israel. Now, these dogs were in safe hands and they will get proper care and treatment with a chance to adopt.

25 other dogs were brought to the sanctuary of Ontario. Already half of them are adopted. Now about 130 dogs are left in that shelter. Now the shelter itself is undergoing a transformation with the help of the Israel team assigned by the sanctuary. This transformation will provide proper care and food to the dogs.

The Dog Tales Sanctuary promised to rescue them once they are healthy and fit to travel. Then they will get their forever homes and loving parents.

We are really glad that Danielle has taken these efforts. She is a superwoman. More power to you, Mam.