Willie Nelson writes a letter to Congress asking for more protection for wild horses

Willie Nelson is an American musician and actor. He has produced great songs and is one of the most recognized artists in country music. At the age of 88, he is still going strong.

Apart from his music, he is also an advocate for better treatment for horses and has been campaigning for them. Recently he has urged Congress to ensure better protection for America’s wild horses which are under threat due to illegal slaughter.

In the open letter which was published by the wild horse conservation nonprofit Return to Freedom, Nelson writes about a law wild horses and burros, the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, back in 1971.

The law was hindered by further mandates forcing the animals to share the protected land with private livestock grazing, energy projects, and public recreation.

As a result, there was conflict over the use of the spaces with the wild horses ending up outnumbered and they are driven out of their own protected space.

Nelson further explains that the Bureau of Land Management has been setting an arbitrary number for how many wild horses ought to be on our public lands and then they are using helicopters to round up the herds when it has decided there are too many.

He further says that wild horses like other wild animals were meant to be wild and free. When they are driven out the family bands are broken. Some horses are adopted or sold and many thousands end up living in crowded enclosures or leased pastures. Some horses even end up in slaughterhouses for human consumption overseas.

He feels that wild horses need humans to intervene and come up with solutions that will end up roundups and ensure their safety.

He further urges the animal lovers to contact their local Congress representatives, urging them to pass all efforts to end the roundups and to promote humane fertility control. He also wanted to pass the SAFE ACT to permanently end horse slaughters in the US.

Willie is known for his love for the horses. Earlier in 2019, he grabbed headlines for saving 70 horses from slaughter and giving them a new life on his ranch.

He states that his horses are the luckiest horses in the world as they get hand-fed twice a day and they were just ready to go to slaughter was the last thing they remembered so they are happy horses.

Willie Nelson is known for his passion for horses. And from time to time he had come to help them.