11 year old named ‘Kid of the year’ for reading to dogs and helping them to get adopted

Nothing is as inspiring as people who go out of their way to help animals. They always find innovative ways to help animals. If any kid did this, it is really heartwarming.

Here is one kid who at the age of 11 has found inspiring and unique ways to help shelter dogs and grabbed the title of ASPCA’s ‘Kid of the year’.

The name of the kid is Evan Bisnauth, who is from Bronx, New York. He is passionate about helping dogs. He started his mission in 2019 when he and his mother found a dog tied to a fence and contacted Animal Care Centers of NYC.

After that, he started visiting the shelter and began to spend time with the animals. According to Evan, when he met them, they are very scared and feel vulnerable. Evan said that he tried to help them feel that they are helped. He said that he sat with and talked with them.

He has found a unique way to comfort the dogs and that’s by reading to them. According to him, reading out loud to dogs helps them to socialize and get used to human interaction. So that makes it easy for them to get adopted.

Evan said that he first read to his dog when he was learning to read and write in school. He said that he liked reading to dogs because when he had done reading to the dogs he felt he had hope for them as they would get adopted.

When the world was hit by the pandemic, Evan could not visit the dogs but at that time also, he found a unique way to help the dogs to find forever homes.

He started making animated shorts, to tell about the shelter dogs and help find them homes. He said that he wanted to find a fun way to help the dogs and put them in a positive light. He said that in his videos he showed how much fun dogs used to do and that people should adopt them as a part of their family.

He said that as he could not visit them, he could get them the exposure they needed. Though it is a thankless job, yet Evan was acknowledged for what he did. The ASPCA revealed the recipients of their 2021 Humane Awards and Evan was named ‘Kid of the Year’. It was an honor for his volunteer work.

Though Evan is very busy yet he finds some time for his passion. He is hopeful of opening his own rescue organization one day. He is happy with the award he got but he feels that he has a lot of work to do. Thank you Evan for helping the shelter dogs and telling people that shelter dogs are not bad.