Cat working at an animal hospital likes to pat all the patients

Animals can sense if someone is in need of help or love. They can run to provide that help. One hospital at Look Ahead Vet in Oroville, California has six cats that live and work there.

The females are Elfie, Uno, Bea, and Peggy and the males are Oj and Theo. They were brought to them at different times by different people. All these cats were strays and had suffered severe injuries.

But now they have become one big family and they work in the hospital. Their role is to help the patients and their owners feel better.

One of the cats, Bae is particularly able to sense who is not feeling better and she knows how to make everyone feel better. It is said that she has a healing touch.

She is the head of the nursing department and she makes her rounds in the hospital, petting each animal. According to Crystal Bessmer, a vet tech at the animal hospital, Bae is very curious and she is very gentle. She loves to walk up to the animals and puts her hand in slowly to check them out.

Bae loves everyone and she is always like that. She is not afraid of anything, even the big farm animals. There are different roles taken by all six cats. Theo is the comforter who knows when someone is sad.

Elfie is the head of the security department as she likes to run towards the chaos. Oj is the doorman who greets everyone. Uno is the babysitter who loves to watch puppies and kittens. Peggy is the youngest of all, he is called the hospital cat in training or intern.

These cats perform their duties very well for the smooth running of the hospital. They provide much-needed help to their coworkers.

Really these cats are the assets for the hospital. Everyone loves them and cares for them. They have proved to be therapeutic for the clients and workers.