Cave explorers find a dog stuck in a 30-foot pit, go down to save his life

Sometimes dogs are caught in pretty difficult situations and need some human help to get free. Here is one dog who fell into a 30-foot cave but thanks to a group of bystanders who happened to find him in time and saved him.

The incident is like this that a group of cave explorers were at Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve in Indiana when they saw a dog that was trapped at the bottom of the cave which was 30 feet deep.

According to Harrison County Animal Control, there were scratch marks down the shaft and it seemed like the dog got its collar stuck on a branch on the way down, and when he landed at the bottom.

From the way the dog looks, it seemed that it had been down there for about two weeks as he looked very thin. He had survived off the rainwater which was collected there. Thankfully at last his nightmare was over when the explorers saw the dog and went down to help him.

The cavers named the dog Dewey and the dog seemed very thankful to his rescuers. When the rescuers went inside the cave, they found the dog was very emaciated and he was very gentle.

At first, when they went inside and came back, the dog started barking as he was asking them not to leave him alone. After the rescue, the dog was taken to Harrison County Animal Control.

Dewey soon made it home as the animal control were able to find the dog’s owner and they announced that the dog’s name was actually Hawkeye and they thanked everyone who shared their story and the dog’s family got in touch and the dog was finally reunited with the family and it was a happy ending to a scary ordeal.

When the dog saw his father, he jumped with excitement and kissed him. We are very happy to see that Hawkeye is finally home. It is really a miracle that he was found by the cave explorers and reunited with the family.