Husky felt so lonely he escaped the yard and cross the road to hug another dog

Everyone wants to have their friends to talk to and to enjoy. Life without friends is very boring. We can’t live alone. The same is the case with animals. They can’t live alone.

So here is a warm friendship between these two dogs that will make your day. Messy is a beautiful gentle puppy who lives with his proprietor, Oranit Kittragul in Thailand.

His friend is a husky that lives on the opposite side of the road. The husky has become the best friend of the Labrador.

The name of the husky is Audi and he is alone most of the time. His proprietor goes to work early in the morning. So Audi remains alone and starts crying. It is in the evening only that his proprietor returns home. So the dog finds it difficult to live alone.

Messy’s owner, Oranit says that he asks his dog to converse with Audi when he is crying and when Messy barks, Audi stops crying. His owner says that he did not realize what they speak yet he stops crying.

One day the proprietor of Audi forgot to close the gate and the dog got the perfect time to meet his friend. He ran straight to Messy to embrace him.

Oranit said that the dog hurried to his dog and they embraced each other. Really it is a really very touching story.