Dog who was severely injured after being set on fire is finally able to see again

How cruel some people can be to animals! They are made to suffer for no fault of their own. The same happened to one dog named Buddy which became a victim in which his face was severely burned.

But now that dog has made a miraculous recovery.In April, the Tunica Humane Society reported that a dog named Buddy which was described as happy and carefree was set on fire. The fire left his face completely scorched and charred black.

According to WTVA, a child later confessed that he set Buddy on fire but as he was younger than 12, he can’t be prosecuted.

Buddy received medical treatments from the Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Slowly Buddy started showing progress.

He has undergone skin grafts to heal his burns. Now he has fewer bandages and has slowly returned to his old self. Tunica Humane Society reported that as his ears were loose from the bandages, he was much happier and more playful.

The happy news regarding the health update of Buddy is that for the first time Buddy’s bandages have completely covered his eyes since the incident was removed. It is huge news considering that for the first time in three months, Buddy would be able to see.

According to the Humane Society, his eyes were actually open and he was very aware and it was only due to the prayers of thousands that Buddy was able to see.

As he was able to see again, this was a huge step towards normalcy. His whole personality changed, seeing the light of the day. Though it is a huge breakthrough, Buddy has not healed fully and his eyelids will need some work to protect his eyes.

Due to the severity of the injuries, he will have some special needs for the rest of his life. His skin will be very sensitive and his eyes will probably require eye drops, he will have to wear sunscreen when he is outside.

We are really happy to know that Buddy can see you again. We wish that he soon finds a forever home.