Dog in a wheelchair travels all over the country with his photographer dad

Life in a shelter house is not very good for animals. If one happens to have some problem, then it is quite difficult to adjust there. But there are some kind people over there who are ready to help such animals.

Here the person is Tom Dilworth who is a professional photographer. Tom went to Yonkers Animal Shelter to see another dog when he noticed Mel. He stopped there for a moment and the dog placed his head on his leg and Tom at that very moment decided to adopt Mel.

Mel is an 8-year-old Pitbull and at the time of its adoption, it was not in a wheelchair. But Tom saw that something was wrong with the balance of the dog and it was getting worse.

Later it was found that the dog has a neurological disease that affects its balance. Though the disease is not painful for Mel, yet it makes it very difficult for him to move.

But now with the help of the wheelchair, Mel finds it quite easy to walk around. Now with the wheelchair, Mel can walk and run with his parents. Not only can he walk around, but also he is traveling across the country with his dad.

It was quite difficult to imagine that a dog who found it difficult to walk would be the one who would be traveling all over the country.