Brave woman risked her life to to save her dog from a stormy sea

If we talk about the rescue stories of animals around the world, there are lots of touching and moving stories. But the most loved is still a story of a woman who put her life in danger to save a small dog from the stormy ocean. So far this is the most loved video on the world wide web.

At a popular beach in Brighton, England, a sensational dog rescue got caught on the camera. The woman risked her life to save her dog. She ran into freezing cold water when her pet was dragged away in the rough sea.

As the woman struggled to get close to her dog, the dog was pulled from the shoreline by the rough sea. After some time she was able to get hold of the animal before a powerful wave hit them and they were separated.

Fortunately, the force of the water pushed her to the beach and luckily her dog was also pushed back by the waves. As the woman was regaining her composure, she didn’t realize her dog was behind her.

It was the onlookers who shouted and she got hold of her dog before another wave hit them.Finally, the brave woman was able to rescue her dog from the stormy sea.

We salute her for her love and dedication towards her pet.

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