Unhappy Circus Bear Spent 30 Years in a Rusty Cage, Is Finally Rescued

How difficult is it to live in a cage? Only the animal which lived in a cage knew this answer. And perhaps those who spent 30 years in a cage will be in a better position to answer.

Fifi the bear is that unfortunate bear who spent these many years in a cage. She really has a heartbreaking story to tell.

Her story began 30 years back when she was a cub and she arrived at a Pennsylvania roadside zoo. For many years, she and other bears were forced to perform tricks like standing on their hind legs. When the zoo closed, Fifi spent her time in a tiny, rusted cage that was nothing more than a dog house for shelter.

Neglection and lack of proper food made Fifi very thin and her coat was dull and dirty. Every step was a struggle. She even suffered from painful arthritis. Fortunately, PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescued her.

She was then transported to the Colorado facility and she was given the care and the facility that she deserved. Thanks to the care, attention, and freedom she got in the sanctuary that Fifi was back to normal. She is healthy and her coat is full. Now for the first time, Fifi is hibernating in her comfy den.

At last Fifi’s body finally matches her big and beautiful personality.  After just five months at the sanctuary, Fifi’s body finally matches her big and beautiful personality.

She is healthy, her coat is full, and her legs are getting stronger every day. And this year, for the first time in her long life, Fifi is hibernating in her new, comfy den.  Her story is really sad but it has a happy ending. May all the animals in cages should be freed.

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