Mountain lion chained for 20 years gives a priceless reaction on being released

I am not a big fan of circuses. One of the main reasons is that the wild animals are kept in captivity and are made to do the things which they are not supposed to do. After all, animals are not meant for entertainment.

But now people are aware of the rights of the animals. They know that they should be kept free, they are not meant to be in chains.

Due to the efforts of many groups, many animals are rescued from circuses. One such animal is this mountain lion which was rescued by the Animal Defenders International group.

The name of the lion is Mufasa and he spent 20 long years in chains. Though Peru does not allow animals in circuses, yet there are many circuses that totally ignore this law and they continue to keep the animals in cages. The same thing happened to this mountain lion.

Luckily Animal Defenders International’s mission was having a mission to save all captive animals from Peruvian circuses. And they did. It was due to the firm determination of this group that Mufasa was rescued.

But the problem was that as the lion was chained for his entire life, he was in no shape to return to the wild. So the lion was shifted to a sanctuary into the Peruvian forest, where an enclosure was built for him.

The moment the lion was released in the forest, at first he was like that he could really move around on his own, there were no cages and he had all that space. Then Mufasa walked and it was amazing to know that he could really live in a true jungle.

It is quite shameful that circuses went against the law and kept the animals in captivity. No one has the right to take away anybody’s freedom.

We are happy for Mufasa and we want that other animals should be rescued who are captive.