Instead of Cancer Treatment, Woman Chose a Cross-Country Vacation with her dog

Positive thinking is very important to keep us going in a difficult situation in life. It helps to manage stress and overcome negativity. In this positive thinking, if we are helped by our family and our pets, that is the icing on the cake.

Age is just a number and nothing else. If in old age, we are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, it is the positive thinking that will help us to live normally.

So here is the story of a 90-year-old woman who becomes a prime example of positivity. She had been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease which required her to visit the hospitals every now and then and get her treatment.

But she, Miss Norma the beautiful was still full of life and she wanted to enjoy her life to the fullest. Days after the passing of her husband, she received a hard diagnose. But it was the spirit that made her different. She made up her mind that she did not want to see the inside of any more hospitals.

Instead of the young and beautiful, Miss Norma decided to hit the road with her son, daughter in law and their Poodle, Ringo. They started traveling in their RV. She declared that she was having the time of her life and she was done with the doctors.

Even her doctors were surprised with her positive attitude, her energetic spirit, and enthusiasm. Her Facebook page, Driving Miss Norma, shows a conversation between her family and her doctors.

According to her son, they explained their intentions to the doctor that they lived in an RV and that they would be taking her wherever she wanted to go. The doctor did not hesitate to say yes and they even asked if he thought they were irresponsible.

The doctor replied that as doctors they knew what treatments looked like. He said that there were side effects and even there was no guarantee she would survive the initial surgery to remove the mass. He further said that he would have also done the same thing if he were in their situation.

And Miss Norma was on the road trip with Ringo as the co-pilot, son Tim, and his wife Ramie. So far they had traveled thousands of miles and they did not want to stop. Ramie said that they had no idea where or when it would end and they were living in the present moment.

At last, after fulfilling her dreams She died peacefully and with no regrets.